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Connect and collaborate

We can help connect you with local groups and researchers in your field.


People who go on to develop successful research careers spend time developing their networks and forging new collaborations. Many find it helpful to connect with other early career researchers to share experiences, learn how others solved problems, commiserate when things don’t go as planned and celebrate success when they do.

Networking events

Join networking events and talk about your research as much as possible. Networking will help you develop and improve your skill set and stay on top of the latest trends within research. Connecting with other researchers can foster new ideas and open opportunities in your research career. See our events and opportunities.

Find a mentor

We strongly recommend that early career researchers find a mentor. Mentorship can have a positive impact on your career, research and leadership skills. It is never too early (or late) in a career to find a mentor, whether you are pre-doctoral, doctoral or post-doctoral.


Networking organisations

We work closely with other organisations that share an interest in the career development of researchers, including:

We encourage collaborations with other organisations that complement our aim to propagate a culture where contribution of research workforce is respected and appreciated. We believe that if all parties work together, all UK researchers will be working in healthy and supportive research environments within a decade. Researchers will be recognised and valued for their contributions in research and beyond, supported in their professional and career development, and equipped and empowered to succeed in their chosen careers.

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