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Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) Training workshops

Five practical and interactive two hour sessions, over the course of five weeks, focussed on different aspects of PPI delivery.

Learn how to:

  • Identify how the public can meaningfully contribute to your work

  • Manage group discussions and get the most out of the conversations

  • Work successfully with members of the public

  • Communicate in plain English


Session 1: What is the right way to involve people. Where the public influence your research. Ways in which you can work together.

Session 2: Recruiting and keeping members. Who you should be involving in your research How to maintain positive relationships with those you involve.

Session 3: Getting the most out of your PPI activities. How to ensure that people can contribute. The importance of planning to ensure your activity is effective and successful.

Session 4: Managing group discussions. Strategies to get the most out of group discussions. Tips to manage more challenging personalities.

Session 5: Communicating in lay language. How to write and talk in a lay language and working with jargon.

These sessions are open to all researchers working in health and social care across Wessex. These events are not designed for public members, although some may benefit from sessions where there is clear overlap with their role.

*Applicants are required to attend all 5 sessions

*Places are limited and therefore competitive

*Places are free but there may be a charge for anyone who does not attend

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