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First steps in research

Taking your first steps into research can be daunting to think about. The most common question is where do I start?


Here are some options you can consider:

  • Talk to peers and senior colleagues at the Trust who are involved in research, and look for opportunities to attend conferences and events that focus on reporting research underway or completed in your speciality. Research opportunities, talks and workshops are advertised on social media in abundance. 

  • Talk to the research nurses who visit your clinical area about the ways you might be able to support research studies underway to gain experience and learn about the research process

  • Gain experience in quality improvement and publish on the projects you get involved in

  • Look out for awards like internships offered by Health Education England (Wessex) for those interested in pursuing a clinical academic career and want a taster of what this type of career would involve​

  • Consider taking a post graduate course with an emphasis on research like the Clinical and Health Research (MRes) course at the University of Southampton or another local university

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