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Mark Banting
Palliative Medicine Consultant

Mark is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine at University Hospital Southampton and holder of a Research Leaders Programme (RLP) award.

He is looking to use his fellowship to become fully research active and, in the longer term, establish Southampton as a leading centre for Palliative Care research.

Making Palliative Care evidence-based

Mark became a consultant young, at the age of 32 years. In the four years since, he has wanted to become more involved in research. However, as there are no other clinical Palliative Care researchers in Southampton, he has struggled to make the connections required or to find the time.

Over the last five to ten years there’s been a real drive to make Palliative Care more evidence-based, and he’s keen to be part of that. He’s hoping the fellowship will give him the time, training and networks to allow him to have a focus on research and do it properly.

He is currently the Principal Investigator (PI) on one trial, investigating whether the drug methylphenidate could be used to treat fatigue in advanced cancer. As fatigue is one of the most common health issues experienced by Palliative Care patients, if successful this could greatly improve patients’ care at the end of their lives.

Developing a team in Southampton

Southampton RLP fellowships provide time, training and personal development to progress in a research career pathway. They support staff from all clinical disciplines and cover salary costs for at least one day a week (20% whole time equivalent) for up to three years.

“I’m hoping the fellowship will give me the opportunity to really ground myself in research,” he explains, “and become fully research active.”

In the short term, he would like to focus on the methylphenidate trial, as well as others he is in the process of setting up. He intends to build a team of Palliative Care researchers to help him do this.

Longer term, he’s looking to become a Chief Investigator (CI) and establish Southampton as a leader in Palliative Care research.

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